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We are team of talented QAs and Developers who will create a perfect soltuion for you

About Us

The Company started its journey in 2022. We started as few QAs and company has grew to perfect Development and Testing Machine that helps our Customers to create a dream solution from just an IDEA.

  • We help to formuate your IDEA to the paper
  • Design and create a prototype of YOUR DREAM product
  • Relese a perfect soltuion for your Customers

Writing code according to latest recommendations with comments and code description. Providing with updated to latest specification document of the product. Release only QUALITATIVE product.

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We provide various services for your Business

We will help you to find a perfect solution for your product and assist you in testing or big data analysis. You can rest while we test.

Any kind of Testing100%
QA Training95%
Mobile and Application Development60%
Big Data 50%


Our team of Rockstars provide the different various of services to suit your business needs.


Teachinf people from zero to hero Junior Manual QA

Upgrading your testers from your manual testers to Automation Engineers

Teaching new frameworks to your Automation Engineers and helping implement it to your project

Manual and Automated testing

Writing test cases and documentation for your project

Manual Testing and making your product perfect

Implementing Automated solution for YOUR specific project needs

Big Data

Creating the solution which will collect are required data for further analysis

Product Development

Creating a product from scracth according to your company needs

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Today is the day when you can make your dream project to reeality and we will help you on your Journey to Success

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